Arroyito Duo

Samstag, den 27. April um 20 Uhr
Centro Machado
Severinsmühlengasse 1
50678 Köln

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Arroyito (Little Stream) is a project integrated by Victoria de la Puente (voice) and Nehuén Rapoport (bass, guitar and voice); both are young Argentinean graduated musicians from Avellaneda Popular Music School (Buenos Aires). It was created in 2013.In the music of this duo you can listen to originals compositions and musical arrangements in folk songs. The voice bells and the guitar are joined with musical twists that propose a travel from the most traditional sounds to the most modern. As a little stream flows through landscapes, this music travels making stronger the roots. So these two young singers travelled around a great part of Argentina and also other countries carrying their music to new places to have new musical friends and learn from other cultures. Their first record was born in 2014 and it was called “Everything so calm”. It was edited independently in Buenos Aires. This first album reflects an intense production work and a development of the song genre. It joins a repertoire of original musical themes that shows a great expansion that entails the simplicity of the creation. At the end of 2014, they began an eighteen months tour. They travelled to the main cities of Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, México, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.
They recorded their second album called “ Moray” in México DF by Sae Institute in November 2015 and there they included own songs and other popular songs. Now they live in San Carlos of Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina where they played in different national and provincial festivals. In Bariloche, they have already begun to record their third album called “Stages”, which inspires their first EUROPEAN TOUR. The repertoire includes own songs, arrangements of Argentinean folk songs and a selection of international original songs from Chile and Spain.

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