9 May is Europe Day

9 May is Europe Day ??

70 years after the Schuman declaration, Europe faces a crisis which makes standing together more important than ever. Today we remember how Europeans made history in 1950 and pay tribute to those who are making history today.

This event is a place to discuss together, inspire each other, celebrate #EuropeansAgainstCovid19 heroes and to let you know how Europe is working for you. It’s also a place to talk about the future after Covid-19

Let’s spend Europe day together, right here. If you will be joining us, show us by hanging a European flag out the window (or draw one and stick it to the window), taking a photo and sharing it in the event below ??

#EuropeDay programme.

Live from Parliament’s hemicycle: 10.00 CET – 13.00 CET

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